• Sunset Plitvice Lakes

    The sun is leaving Plitvice Lakes

  • Plitvice Lakes Autumn

    Plitvice Lakes - the magic of autumn colors - Nature painting of a fairy tale

  • Autumn leaves Plitvice

    The Autumn leaves Plitvice Lakes

  • Winter arrived on Plitvice

    Plitvice Lakes - Winter is just arrived

  • Plitvice Lakes Winter landscape

    Even if i'm mostly using just one color...

  • Plitvice Lakes frozen Watterfalls

    I'm able to freeze the breath of Plitvice Waterfalls...

  • Plitvice winter snow

    ...take the brath of amazing visitors...

  • Plitvice frozen Lakes

    ...and also of proud Plitvice Lakes.


Apartments Plitvice - Accommodation Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes Apartments-private accommodation Plitvice

The family holiday Apartments Plitvice Lakes "Matovina" is located in a small place Poljanak, in the heart of the National Park Plitvice Lakes, just 2 kilometers away from the largest Plitvice Lakes waterfall. Thanks to local ways in the beautiful parks, the forest and the wonderful views to the National Park Plitvice, the position of our accommodation offers you a very good opportunity to undertake a bicycle tour or a pedestrian walk and explore the magic and beauty of Plitvice Lakes.

If you decide to visit Plitvice, to spend your holidays in Croatia, here in that magic nature of Plitvice, and when you are looking for an Accommodation in Plitvice Lakes, our wish is, to show you the beauty of that beautiful place we are living in. We would like, to introduce and recommend you our holiday apartment Plitvice, give you a comfortable accommodation, to spend relaxing and unforgettable vacations, here in Wonderland of Plitvice.

Already for many years we are enjoying the beauty of bold, breathtaking Plitvice Lakes waterfalls in Croatia, that flowing into each other, forms a series of famous and beautiful lakes. We are proud to live in such fairy tale, and would like invite You, to be our dear guest and explore with us, that unique place Plitvice, our Homeland.

Apartments Plitvice lakes four seasons

Unimportant which time of year you will choose, for your vacation or just one trip to the Plitvice Lakes, you will find yourself in the unique story of the nature, using only her four magic brushes, creates a beautiful fairy tale about Plitvice. All who begins to read this story, when leaves Plitvice are trying to answer just one question, which of these brushes, is her dearest ...?

Holiday apartment Plitvice - Accommodation

Are you planning your holidays in Croatia and would like to visit and explore Plitvice, or have questions about our accommodation and apartment, if you want to get more informations about National Park Plitvice Lakes, on cruises and day trips around Plitvice, or just like to write some critic, or praise, then please contact us ... We will answer each your questions, as soon as possible.

Of course, we would be happy to have you as a guest here, in our apartment in Plitvice Lakes, to give you all our attention, accommodation and friendliness of our family, for wonderful and memorable holidays in the most famous National Park in Croatia.

Family Matovina

National Park Plitvice Lakes - See the video movie